Bridal Make-up Tips

Try to apply foundation always with a brush or sponge,it helps the foundation to spread on your face properly and mix it with your complexion.

bridal make up tips 1

Use a primer for eye shadow.It helps the eye shadow to merge with your skin so that your eye shadow looks awesome.

bridal make up tips 2

If you want to look more natural on your bridal party ,try a natural make-up by using a Cream Blush.

bridal make up tips 3

Eyebrow touch up  plays an important role in face make-up.If your eye brow look thin ,by using a eye brow pencil you can give it a thick look which will best suit your facial sturucture.So Eyebrow Pencil Is a Must-Have in Bridal make-up.

bridal make up tips 4


It’s totally tru that “our eyes speak” and if you have the correct eye make-up ,you will look like an angel So use Eye-Enhancing Makeup Techniques and make your eyes look like

bridal make up tips 5


If you have curl eye lashes ,do a makeover to it in a Right Way.

curl eye lashes

If you have less eye lash ,you can Use Fake Lashes to look gorgeous or go for eye lash extensions .

eye lash extensions


Give importance the nose make-up.

nose make-up

Waterproof Makeup Is the main key .

waterproof makeup

Before applying the actual make-up .Do Some Prep Work — on Your Lips

lip makeup


Style your hair according to your facial structure.

bridal hairstyle


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